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Sneak Peek into Recipes for the Dead

Recipes for the Dead status: Half-colored.

Even though I Should wait until the whole thing is finished before I let out sneak peeks, I decided why the hell not just show you the beautiful things that are happening.  I’m not very good at waiting for presents when Hanukkah comes along either.  Hey, what may be bad for me is a score for you.  And that’s what matters.

Art by Ein Lee.



I’ve been baking my heart out these past few days, trying to make the best cookies I possibly can for NYCC for promotional purposes for Recipes for the Dead.  I’ve also created a packaging that I feel is very pleasing to the eyes as well as the cookie is pleasing to the palate.  Seriously, check out the prototype:

Recipes for the Dead is a story of a baker who discovers a cookbook with magical recipes.  Each recipe explains exactly what it can and will do upon its baking and consumption.  I based my cookie recipe off of Veronica’s first recipe; Dark Delight with Cranberries.  It’s a bit spicy, a bit sweet, and most likely will compel your friends to ask for a bite.  Veronica loves baking these when she feels lonely.

I had a wonderful time in creating this recipe!  But no time to look back, I’ve finished writing Issue 2 and with it comes yet another recipe!  This next one will be more dangerous.



Eric is Triumphant!

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Recipes for the Dead: An Indie Comic Book Project

3 months ago, I tentatively wrote a short comic book script about a neo-Victorian girl named Veronica.  Two days later I managed to attach an amazing artist, Ein Lee, to the project.  A few days after that, we started fundraising campaign to make money so we could: pay Ein so she can draw in peace and not in pieces, print the books, buy necklaces for the super-donors, and invest in ingredients for an actual recipe in the book.

In a delicious turn of events, an amazing collection of fellow visionaries, and 3 months later, today, we raised a lot  more OVER than the amount we asked for.

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude, my pride in the project as it is being created, and the shiver that goes through my organs whenever I even think of what these lovely people had done for me.

The real work is beginning now… and my soul cannot possibly wait another second.

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