Monthly Archives: October 2010


Ashcans are now done!  They’ll be available only from me as of now, so if you see me at the comic shop, in your house, or just gallivanting through the streets of NYC, just stick out your hand and say “gimme”.  It will become yours!

This week I’m going to visit two wonderful friends of mine, Dino (Haspiel, Cuba, My Revolution; Emmy Award-winner for the Bored to Death theme song) and Nathan (Eisner Award-nominee creator of Power Out) at their studio and maybe make some comics with them.  Those two guys have always been a lovable source of support for me and I love seeing them and chatting literature.  If you like really awesome, independent stuff, you really owe it to yourself to check both of those guys out- they’re pretty much the most brilliant creators on the market today.  Really.



Happy (upcoming) Halloween! Have a Free Poster!

We created a beautiful free download at Greentea Publishing, all you have to do is find it on the page.

This weekend you can find me at New York Comic Con, giving out cookies based on Annika’s forbidden recipe Dark Delight with Cranberries as well as selling comic books for $6 (that’s $4 less than on the website).  I’ll also be signing for free.  So come get some free stuff and enjoy the comics universe and all the swag it can offer!

Also, I’ve been getting some flattering feedback about Recipes for the Dead: Issue 1 and I’m grateful and excited!  Now I must stop drinking coffee and pretend to be somewhat cool about this.  But first, a cartwheel!


The Books are Here!

The books are here!!  Check them out, along with some other RftD merch (tags, pendants, labels..)