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Recipes for the Dead Review

At Comicbuzz!

So happy that people seem to like it!


To Stop Dreaming of Goddesses

My new kickstarter project launches today right here:

I have a special love for that story- it was my debut comic book story that came out in an anthology called Siren in 2009.  Unfortunately, due to financial and copyright problems, after the book sold out, it never got reprinted.

Although we fought for the rights to reprint all of Siren, we couldn’t get everyone on board and thusly had to scrap the whole thing.  Finally, after waiting for a long time, Ben Jelter (the artist) and I decided to re-issue the our own story as a one-shot comic book.  There just wasn’t anything else left to do other than rescue To Stop Dreaming from sinking into obscurity and this is our attempt.

So, check out the project, see the video in which I dress up (or is that just what I wear around the house?) and maybe contribute.  Ben and I would be extremely grateful, thank you!