Happy New Year!

2010 marked a lot of changes for me.  It was a very scary and very exciting year during which I’ve grown and learned a lot and also realized yet again how much I need to learn.  Some processes will never end, and for that I am thankful.

Some things I did in 2010

❤ Got my master’s degree at Pratt Institute!  Am now a learned scholar as well as a penniless mongrel, allegedly.

❤ Wrote and published my very own comic book, Recipes for the Dead: Issue 1: Dark Delight with Cranberries along with imaginative and clever artist, Ein Lee.

❤ Have created a bit of an internet presence at GreenteaPublishing.com!

❤ Wrote more stuff from my head than I ever have before! But still, not enough, and that will become part of my resolution this year in 2011.

❤ Fell in love with my cat, Dr. Watson, who I picked up from an animal shelter in Harlem.  He was balding and terrified when we got him, but now look at him.  A true mensch!

❤ Met a million wonderful amazing people, creators and otherwise!

❤ Started playing house with the beloved, a fun and evergoing project that I never want to finish.

It was quite the year, changing myself and watching people I know change and grow as well.  2011 is starting off with a bang, with new ideas for projects, exciting days ahead and a stomach full of butterflies.  And that is how it all ends, and that is how it all begins.  Happy New Year, everyone and good luck with 2011!

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