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Queen of Paint Preview

Here’s a bit of a sketch preview for the Queen of Paint, for those interested.  The short but heartbreaking subject of this story has been close to my own heart for a long time – and it took me a long time to find an artist that would do her justice.  But I think I have found that artist in Kmye Chan, whose pencils are stylistic and charismatic and appeal to the part in me that likes to touch things.

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Girls and Comic Books

Book recommendations are something I’ve taken very seriously since I was old enough to read – even as a 5 year old, I had a feeling that my artsy mom would enjoy children’s poems with Victorian illustrations while my economics professor dad would listen to me rattle off facts about dinosaurs more often than not.  My favorite mission in life was always to give someone that one book that would make them seek out more books by themselves.

As a girl who adores comic books (whether they are tiny floppies given out on Free Comic Book Day, thick trades I can take on a bus ride, and giant omnibuses that don’t fit into my shelves), I’ve always been keen on recommending books to my girlfriends.  It’s surprisingly easier than it sounds, actually.  While supes and dialogue-thin chicks are the first thing that pops into many unenlightened minds, there are a ton of comics that can excite a girl – whether or not they were written with them in mind.

My favorites to recommend: New York Four by Brian Wood/Ryan Kelly (this one was actually written for girls under the progressive but short-lived DC imprint, MINX); Unwritten by Mike Carey/Peter Gross (for anyone who likes Harry Potter, and that’s many, many girls); Zombies Calling and War of Ellsmere by Faith Erin Hicks (full of fun, punk, smart female protagonists); Fables by Bill Willingham (super-intelligent Snow White aids the stricken characters of fairy tales in New York City living); Abadazad by J.M. DeMatteis/Mike Ploog (for the younger girls who like magic and adventure); Runaways by Brian K. Vaughan/Adrian Alphona (angsty yet attractive teenagers battling their evil parents with a little romance thrown in – perfect YA).

There’s just so many!  And I love that!