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Recipes for the Dead: ISSUE 2 (finally!)

We’ve all been waiting for this.  Well, I have, anyway… Recipes for the Dead: Issue 2 is finally going live! Right (here).

It’s called Recipes for the Dead: Issue 2: Apricot Asylum.  Or as per abbreviation RftD:I2:AA.  Can you remember all that?

The multi-talented artist behind the new art will be Allison Strom.  And I’m really excited; looking at her work makes me really thankful that I assented to the hiatus and searched for an artist as good as the original.  Honestly, working with Allie has been a blessing and I can’t wait to show everyone the work she’s been doing with the beloved characters.

If you haven’t seen the first issue, I’m now giving it away for the mere donation of $1.  I do hope everyone enjoys it!




Kmye’s Preview for Queen of Paint

The lovely Kmye put up her own preview of Queen of Paint back at her blog: Mais Je Reve… She starts out in French, but do not worry, she translates herself a few paragraphs down.  Enjoy her sublime drawings of the Queen herself, her husband and the evil creatures that surround them.

Link here: Mais Je Reve

Cirque du Freakonomics

Unless you have been wedged in the pages and penmarks of a manuscript you’ve been blissfully writing, you probably heard about the Wall Street Journal article that caused Twitter to have a wounded screech under the hashtag #YAsaves.  If you haven’t, here’s the DL; a mother goes to a bookstore to buy her 13-year-old a book and is so horrified by the selection, her hair falls out.  What she sees is this: shelves and shelves of YA fiction with dark covers of scarred wrists, supernatural and graphic deaths, and blurbs filled with words such as “suicide” and “penis”.  Any properly raised parent in the Victorian era would feel faint at this point and attempt to wheel out their brood with as much dignity as possible.

I just want to say to this frightened parent: I don’t agree with you, but I understand your feelings.

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Giotto’s Face on Turin’s Shroud

This week a book came out claiming that the author finally solved one of the most controversial and fascinating religious mysteries: Is that really the bodily fluids of Jesus Christ on the Shroud of Turin?

The author of this book says: nahhhh.

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