Monthly Archives: December 2011

RocoCookie Shop Promo Ad

Check out this marvelous preview of Recipes for the Dead: Issue 2: Apricot Asylum drawn and enchanted by the frakin’ awesome Allison Strom. This crazy thing was painted using the Copic markers that those wonderful people sent to her as a present. Between Allison’s artgenius and Copic’s generosity, I feel like Hannukah has come a full week early.


5 Tips for Running a Comics Project

The kind folks from Kickstarter kindly asked if I’d be interested in writing 5 tips on how to run a successful comics project on Kickstarter. If you know me, you might know that I’ve been successfully using their site since 2010 to fund my comics. I funded Recipes for the Dead: Issue 1 (Dark Delight with Cranberries), Recipes for the Dead: Issue 2 (Apricot Asylum) and To Stop Dreaming of Goddesses all on this incredible site.

I definitely owe much of my success to these amazing people. So, I delightedly assented to their small request and wrote up my 5 tips in order to help the next comics writer/artist create a successful comics project.  I’m already seeing some comics projects that are using some of the successful techniques and it makes me feel warm on the inside to know that we can do this, regardless of how unconnected, unknown, and unknowing we were before we did this.

So check out the tips here: and know this; you can create something amazing and see it to fruition. Good luck!