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Recipes for the Dead: Issue 2 and Issue 3

So, I know I’m rubbish at posting updates, and I’m absolutely sorry about that, but here I am finally – and here are some happy-making updates!

Recipes for the Dead: Issue 2 – Apricot Asylum is done! If you’d like to own a copy of your own (and Issue 1 as well!), you can totally do that now here:


Meanwhile, I’m so proud to announce that Allison and I are completely hidden in our burrow, working on Issue 3. I’m mostly proud of the Issue 3, rather than being hidden in a burrow. Right. Anyways! AND even better, we have an editor now, the amazing Mr. Knave of the Eisner and Harvey-winning anthology Popgun. We are so proud of this our buttons are fit to burst! Thanks, Adam!