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Nenetl, of the Forgotten Spirits Trailer

I made this trailer for Kickstarter to promote my little Halloween-vibe tale of sugarskulls, ghostly children and chocolate. Click to find out more and get to explore Nenetl, of the Forgotten Spirits.


New Project: NENETL

Next week, I’m hoping to launch my new project, NENETL, for pre-order and votes of confidence on Kickstarter.

NENETL is a joyful all-ages miniseries with a Halloween horror vibe to it, and I can’t wait to give you all a sneak peek. Actually, let me give you a look at the main character right now…

She isn't what she seems...

She isn’t what she seems…

And an original concept drawing…




New York Comic Con 2012

Hello, my wonderful punks! Or should I say… my single punk reader…

There is news, sort of… so here it goes: I have a table at New York Comic Con! (Where yet, I don’t know but I’ll update that as soon as I do). I will be there selling all three of my comics, as well as giving away free baked goods, as per usual. I’m not sure what I’m baking yet, so stay tuned – if you’re a hungry sort of person and those things interest you.

Real comic news will be coming soon – hopefully as soon as next week.