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Another amazing review, this one by Newsarama!

Nenetl achieved a 10 out 10 rating at Newsarama Best Shots! Last comic, so scroll down for review …

from the article…

“…I love Vera Greentea’s writing, have so since I discovered her To Stop Dreaming of Goddesses and Recipes for the Dead books. A Kickstarter darling (Nenetl was another successfully funded campaign for her) her writing has a Neil Gaiman quality, storytelling infused with a playful whimsy overlying a deeper sadness that begs for a resolution. Although Ms. Greentea writes with elements of traditional horror, I’m hesitant to label it in that genre, since the underlying thread of hope eternal keeps a light shined on the shadows so that the end result is more spooky than gut-wrenchingly sinister.”


Two Projects, Two Reviews!

Just a little collection of Vera Greentea news around the web!

Nenetl got its first (rather glowing!) review by the sweet people of Panels on Pages: Hidden Gems. Check the review here:

Meanwhile, my new project PAPA has also received some incredible words by the lovely folks at Reading Graphic Novels, and you can see that incredibly welcome release here:

much love!


PAPA: An Indie Comic Book Collection

I just launched my newest graphic novel, PAPA, onto Kickstarter. This feels crazy for me, because I’ve written the first of these stories almost 2 years ago, and have been looking to find a home for them ever since.

After successfully funding my family-friendly Part One of a miniseries, Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits, I got it into my head that it’s time for me to do something with the three stories of PAPA.

PAPA is a book of three dark fantasy stories chronicling the bizarre situations of three different fathers. Each father lives in world that’s a bit different than ours, and each is faced with a decision that will alter the life of his child, as well as the lives of the others living in his world.  I’ve gotten incredibly lucky with all three of artists of this book. I’m still reeling that they all said yes to me.

Joseph Lacroix, the incredible artist behind Sword of Justice of the Diablo series by DC Comics, is drawing the titular story of PAPA, called… Papa.

Ben Jelter had illustrated one of my previous stories, To Stop Dreaming of Goddesses, and I was so excited that he wanted to work with me again on the PAPA story The Princess and the Robot. Btw, he has just released a mobile video game for the iPhone OS called Sidius Nova, which has been highly recommended by the guys at Kotaku. It’s incredible, and if you hadn’t checked it out yet… it’s FREE for now.

Lizzy John, who does the gorgeous colors for Archaia’s Fraggle Rock, and whose work I’ve been drooling over for years now, has also joined the PAPA crew to do the art for the very strange story Nightbirds, to my complete and utter glee.

After the success of Nenetl, I’ve decided to publish a pretty bound book that will hold all of these stories. I’ve been wanting to do right by them for too long, and finding these incredible artists has been a huge push to get it out. And the work they’ve already showed me has been nothing short of astonishing.

I can’t wait to show it all off to you all, finally.



My book trailer for my upcoming short story collection – a 50 page graphic novel of dark fantasy stories.