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Er, a couple more


My favorite famous person, Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing, did an awesome shout-out on Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits:

The Beat interviewed me about Nenetl and PAPA, with results right here;

These awesome dudes at Super Long Name also interviewed me:

Aaaand! I made my first appearance in a PRINT Magazine. Starburst Mag did a lovely piece on me, which you’ll have to buy here:



More Vera Greentea news out & about the web!

Want to listen to me talk abt how I find artists, when I discovered comics & what it’s like to be indie? Would you like to hear more about my new project PAPA? You can hear it all on The Comic Run, produced by Aaron Fristik and co.

The kindly folks at Comics Forge also ran a sweet review abou Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits, and you can read that here:

That’s all, folks, and don’t forget to check out my Kickstarter. We’re 62% funded and counting!


Why I’m Asking for $10,000 for PAPA

This morning, I was looking at my dashboard – still unbelieving that people would give me so much money to create a book. And then, I thought, maybe they don’t know exactly why they’re giving me THIS MUCH money. Maybe they think I’ve asked for too much. I mean, really, I feel like I’ve asked for too much, so maybe they do too.So, I wanted to let you know what this money is. Why do I feel it’s fair for me to ask you hardworking souls for $10,000?

Honestly, it’s terrifying to ask for so much money, I guess I can tell you that. Some of you might know that, many of you are creators too. It’s why up until now, I’ve asked for so little ($400 for one of my projects and $2k for another).

And the real reason I was asking for such a small amount of money before? This is incredibly embarrassing, and I hate admitting this. For my first two projects, I thought it was okay to just barely pay the artists. It was more important for me to pay for the production of the comic and have a product and maybe have a little to offset the shipping. Way more important than to make sure the person giving me 30-50 hours is paid for that time. I mean, we’re all artists here. We’re all making pretty much nothing – that’s just the way the world works.

This is so wrong. I’m so sorry now that I persisted with that idea for over a year of my life.

It’s almost stupid to tell people this, because when you actually give it a thought, it’s obvious. But here it is.

Artists work incredibly hard.

No, they’re not saving lives and yes, many of them work from home – an enviable position. But to think, artists spend many, many hours making art without getting up from their chairs. They’re constantly inviting neck problems, staring at their computer screens and screwing up their eyes, achieving tendonitis in their wrists when painting tiny details, and generally pushing beyond their human limits to create something for us to enjoy. That sounds like a job, doesn’t it?

Even so, because what artists create is an enjoyable product, many non-artists believe that artists have an enjoyable time making this product. Because of that pervasive mindset, often companies offer minimum freelance wages (which artists are forced to take or starve), sometimes employers forget or intentionally ignore invoices, and often, large corporations think it’s okay to just take art without paying for it. It’s kind of crazy, no?

Personally, I don’t want to maintain that status quo. I don’t think I can change the whole world, but I can change myself.

I know now that making art is hard work and I want to make sure the three PAPA artists will receive a fair wage for their work. That’s what this Kickstarter is for me. I’m still at a place where I can’t afford to pay artists a decent wage, which is why I’m here, asking for your help. That’s why I think it’s fair that I’m asking for this much money. It’s because most people won’t ask for it and they won’t pay their artists. But together, we will.

Anyways, you are all incredulously awesome and I bet you already know this. Thanks so much for listening!