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Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits, Part Two

So, in the spirit of the approaching Fall season, Laura and I have begun working on Part Two of our Day of the Dead comic miniseries. We are terribly excited to launch our Kickstarter this past week, and even more pleased to see the welcoming public response.

Page 45, who is perhaps my most favorite comic book store (don’t tell my LCS bc I have to see THOSE guys :P, kidding, I love them too – never a sweetest father-son team existed!) wrote:

Meanwhile, The Beat ran an interview with me this week. We talked about lots of things, including; my working process with Laura, what inspired me to write an all-ages horror series, and of course, my advice to anyone who is wondering whether they can do a Kickstarter project. You can read that here:


And, if you’d like to check out the Kickstarter itself, that can be found here:


More Critical Acclaim for PAPA!

A couple of things!

There are a few more lovely things written about Papa!
An older but fantastic analysis of the three stories by Alasdair Stuart of Bleeding Cool:
Comics Forge wrote some very complimentary things:

…and even Starburst Magazine has a lovely piece! The magazine is available here.

And most importantly, you can now buy Papa over on my website! And that is here.


Thanks, and enjoy!