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Happy (upcoming) Halloween! Have a Free Poster!

We created a beautiful free download at Greentea Publishing, all you have to do is find it on the page.

This weekend you can find me at New York Comic Con, giving out cookies based on Annika’s forbidden recipe Dark Delight with Cranberries as well as selling comic books for $6 (that’s $4 less than on the website).  I’ll also be signing for free.  So come get some free stuff and enjoy the comics universe and all the swag it can offer!

Also, I’ve been getting some flattering feedback about Recipes for the Dead: Issue 1 and I’m grateful and excited!  Now I must stop drinking coffee and pretend to be somewhat cool about this.  But first, a cartwheel!



Announcing: Ben Jelter

So many things brewing at Greentea Publishing! But the one most important piece of news:

We got BEN JELTER! A supremely talented surrealist who infuses his creativity and technical ability into comic books is now part of Greentea Publishing with two lovely objects of art.
1) The Tumor, a lovely story about loneliness and the search for love, with a creepy tinge to the whole bizarre work. Written, illustrated and produced by Ben Jelter himself. Even though it’s a complete change from many of the existing mainstream titles, I think that it will please you if you give it a chance.
2) To Stop Dreaming of Goddesses, a one-shot psychotic fable written by me and illustrated by Ben. It’s not up yet, but should appear by the end of the year.

There are more projects on queue, both for the company and for me. Keep an eye out for some upcoming exciting news!


Greentea Publishing News

Greentea Publishing is now offering the very first, original issue of Recipes for the Dead- full name: Recipes for the Dead: Dark Delight with Cranberries: Issue 1.  Whew!

Check that baby out!

And that’s not all!  Stay tuned for more news on who’s coming to Greentea Publishing!