Let’s Talk About Checks

Just thought to let you guys know that the recording of the panel I was on, Let’s Talk About Checks, is now online! For those of you interested in learning about the business of comics, Alex deCampi, Ulises Farinas, Joseph P. Illidge, Chris Sotomayor, Fernando Ruiz, and I did a panel at Special Edition called “Let’s Talk About Checks” (clever title credit goes to the always punny Alex deCampi). We discuss proper page rates, saying no to a bad contract, the caveats of self-publishing, and more.

Check out the review and full-length recording kindly created for us by Amber Love!



The Coasters, created by Laura Müller

As Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits finishes up its campaign for part 3, I want to show off one of the gorgeous gifts we offer; the coasters.  There are four altogether, each lovingly designed and digitally signed by Laura Müller. We are very proud of how pretty they turned out, and hope you guys enjoy using them!



Meeting Christine Alvarado, who inspired Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits

You know what’s kind of the best? Meeting (even digitally) an artist who inspired your work in the first place. Last month, I got to chat with Christine Alvarado – who makes the most gorgeous and unique dolls in the world.. and whose very special calavera catrinas inspired Nenetl.


And she seemed happy to meet me too. Here’s what she wrote about the encounter:


Greentea Publishing Updates!

NENETL OF THE FORGOTTEN SPIRITS Part 2 dropped! You can snag yourself a gorgeous full-colored copy over here!

Nenetl Part 2 Cover

Nenetl Part 2 Cover

If you just checked that out, you may have noticed that there are some changes on the website. We’ve lately been hard at work at Greentea Publishing and brought some fantastic changes to it. Our biggest change is that we have now made digital versions of most comics available for super easy purchase!

We’ve also made an easier interface, added more books (check out out our newest Ben Jelter book, Moscow 38!) and cleaned up the backwoods of the site in order to make shipping to YOU easier and faster. It’s a whole new planet at Greentea Publishing and I hope you guys come visit!

Much love,


PAPA is now on ComiXology!

Here’s the actual link: http://www.comixology.com/Papa/digital-comic/46961

The comiXology app is free to download, and PAPA costs less than $3. The Guided Technology is wonderful, I’d recommend reading all your digital comics there!

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 4.20.12 PM

Something Happened

Something amazing just happened.

LEV GROSSMAN likes my comic!! Forgive me as I weep tears of glee.

NYCC 2013

Today marks the beginning of New York Comic Con! I hope some of you get to go and enjoy the incredibly fun, crazy (and somewhat terrifying) affair that is this monster of a convention! I am planning on attending, however, due to a remarkably small amount of disposable funds, I will not have a table this year. Instead, I will be wandering the country of NYCC, trying to catch the eye of a publisher or two.

I have made these little collections of my work of the past two years, and thought you guys might enjoy the handcrafted packaging. I’m not super crafty, so this took a bit to make, but hopefully someone will like them!